Below is a snapshot our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries


How much is it to hire you?

Prices vary depending on how many you are looking to cater for. Drop us a quick enquiry form and we'll get an all inclusive price over to you - normally within the hour.

What makes Juicy Hog different from other hog roast caterers?

We are professional hog roast caterers, not part time roasters, butchers or farmers trying to earn extra cash. Catering is our passion and we know that its the attention to detail that matters.

How long do you serve for?

We normally find that a two hour service period is long enough for all of your guests to be fed and to return for seconds. If there is any meat left then this will be left on platters along with any remaining rolls for you and your guests.

How long does it take to cook?

We roast our hogs for a minimum of 12 hours ensuring you get the most succulent pork to maximise flavour. The heat is then raised during the last stages of the process to create that wonderful crackling.

Can you cook indoors?

The food is always cooked outside in our state of the art Hogmaster all weather machines. But we can then bring it inside to serve your guests if the weather is not agreeable or if this is how yor prefer. We will liaise with you about this at your event.

How much space do you need?

We can work in a small space and can fit through a standard garden gate so as long as there is room for us to set up then we can do it.

How far do to you travel?

We travel all over the country such is our reputation so location is not an issue.

Do we need to provide anything?

No. We will bring everything including disposable cutlery. Our equipment is all gas powered but we may just need an electric supply if the event is in the evening and we need lighting.

Are you qualified and insured?

All of our staff have the relevant hygiene qualifications and our business has £5million public liability insurance.

Why do you only use free range pigs?

Because they produce more superior, succulent and delicious pork. They are reared in natural environments and just like anything in the food chain - the quality and purity of their lifestyle is reflected in the end product. They are not force fed or given additives to 'fatten' them up like mass produced pork that is readily available.

Is free range more expensive?

Yes, only slightly, but that extra makes all the difference when it comes to rearing the animals and looking after them. As with anything, you get what you pay for so beware of cheap and cheerful deals as it always the quality of the product that is sacrificed.

Do you cook everything on site?

We tend to cook offsite and finish off the process at your venue so you get the full aroma. Many hog caterers cook the whole pig on site but for most of our clients this isn't really viable - particularly when you cook for 12 hours as we do. There is no difference in quality between cooking on site and off.

How much is it to hire you?

Prices vary as requirments are different depending on your numbers, location etc. If you contact us through our quick online quote section we'll normally have an accurate all inclusive quotation with you within the hour.

Are there any hidden extras?

No. The price you are given is all inclusive and will include everything on the detailed quote.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. Juicy Hog require a deposit of £200. Once this is paid then the date is secured for you. Full balance is not due until two months prior to the event date.

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